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Hi there!

I am Shripal Soni from India 🇮🇳

Passionate Web Developer with 10+ years of professional experience

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I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation & Control Engineering from Nirma University. You may be wondering then how I landed in software development 🤔?

Well, I was so much passionate about programming since my college days. During my semester end vacations, I used to learn and create small web frontend projects using HTML/CSS/Javascript and desktop apps using .Net as a hobby.

That playing with programming helped me in developing problem solving and analytical abilities. Due to those abilities and my passion for programming, I got my first job in India's biggest IT company TCS during my college placements in 2010.

Job @TCS

At TCS, I learned and worked on multiple J2EE projects as a full-stack developer. I was fortunate to got a chance to work on a greenfield project for Government of Maharashtra, where I got experience of a complete Software Development Life Cycle.

In 2013, trend of Single Page Application (SPA) started picking up due to popularity of AngularJS. So, I started learning about AngularJS in my free time and I was blown away 🤯 by the new way of creating web applications. Fascinated by that, I started looking for new opportunity to work on SPA.

Job @Meditab

At the end of 2013, I got an opportunity to work as a Frontend Developer on a very big SPA for web based EHR product at Meditab.

As I joined at the starting phase of the product development, I got to learn a lot about architecting a huge SPA based on AngularJS framework, performance optimization techinques and code quality maintenance. I worked on that product for 2.5 years and ended up being a frontend lead of the product.

As a frontend lead, I gained experience of mentoring junior web frontend developers, hiring frontend developers and giving complete web frontend development training to freshers.


In 2016, trend for creating cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies was picking up and so I was very much interested in working on such applications. I found the pattern that I always wanted to work on latest things and so I found that freelancing is best for me. As a freelancer I can keep on learning about latest technologies and I can get to work on projects based on latest technologies. So, I started working as full time freelancer from mid of 2016.

As a freelancer, I worked on 20+ projects with around 10 clients in 4.5 years. Most of the clients contracted me for repeated work as they liked working with me 🥳. As a freelancer I worked on developing cross-platform mobile applications using Nativescript and Ionic Framework, developing a large Angular based SPA for a product and few MERN stack and MEAN stack based projects.

Here are some of the testimonials from my clients:

Starting Journey as Content Creator

I learned about web development mostly on my own using so many random websites, blog articles, videos, documentations etc. without investing any money. I am really very grateful to all those content creators for spending their time in creating free content so that I (and for sure so many other people like me) could become professional web developers.

I have many times heard from my family, friends and colleagues that I have good explanation skill. So, I always had a thought in my mind that sometime in future, I will dedicate my time to write helpful content for aspiring and experienced web developers to help them in advancing in their career. I think that time to contribute back to the community has arrived now 😇

In 2021, I paused doing freelancing projects and started building this website from scratch to publish thoroughly analyzed articles, detailed step-by-step tutorials, quick tips, free front-end web development fundamental courses and may be in future if people like my content, then paid advanced web development courses to cover expenses of my family.

Really excited about becoming a full time content creator and help as many people as I can in their learning journey.

Thanks for reading up to the end. Thats all about me as of now 😀

If you want to know more about me, you can connect with me on Twitter and subscribe to my newsletter, so you can get notified about web development related content published on this website.

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