6 Tips To Win Your First Freelancing Project

Last Updated: September 29, 2022

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Winning your first freelancing project on freelancing platforms is often very difficult.

The reason for that is due to very tough competition with other experienced freelancers on those platforms.

So, you may be wondering how we can win a project when the competition is very tough and you are very new on the platform.

Here, I am sharing 6 proven tips which had helped me in getting my first freelancing project on one of the freelancing platform, upWork.

An interesting fact is, it was my first proposal and I won the project for that ✨

1. Niche DownLink to this heading

For initial projects, do not go for projects on very popular techs. Because such projects will already have a lot of competition from experienced freelancers.

Instead, quickly learn about any latest tech/lib/framework with high potential and then apply for projects about that.

No doubt, there will be very less such projects but on the other hand, you will have very less and fair competition because that tech will be very new for everyone!

Note: If you are very experienced in the popular techs and you have a good amount of demonstrable work regarding that, then you can go for projects on popular techs.

2. Filter Out Bad ProjectsLink to this heading

Once you have niched down on a particular tech, search for such projects on freelancing platforms.

Filter out bad projects such as clients with bad reviews, projects which have mentioned very low project price in the description itself, projects with very little description etc.

3. Go For Small ProjectsLink to this heading

Initially, it is better to go for small projects rather than a long-term project to have a good amount of reviews from clients.


Because in reviews usually, the client specifies the experience with the freelancer and the freelancer's characteristics. It is a social proof about you.

When you apply for a new project, the client first reads reviews about you from other clients. If they are great, then your chances to win the project are high.

4. Write Concise ProposalLink to this heading

Understand the requirement thoroughly. Don't hurry in writing the proposal.

Firstly answer the questions that the client has asked, if any.

Put more effort into answering those questions rather than showing your experience because the client is more interested in accomplishing his/her work!

If no questions are asked then write — in a concise way — how you can accomplish the requirement based on your experience.

Attach links/images about the related work. It can be anything like a side-project, open source work, a blog post etc.

Be confident in the proposal. Often we don't know 100% about how we will be able to accomplish the requirement, but be confident and have faith in your abilities that you will be able to complete the project.

5. Balanced Pricing StrategyLink to this heading

Don't bid too low and initially don't bid too high.

If the client has previous projects history, see how much the client had paid for similar projects and try to be in that range.

If the client doesn't have previous project history, then don't bid too low. Because good clients often filter out very low bidders as it shows that you are not serious about your work!

If it is a fixed-price project, then check if all the requirement is totally clear to you. If yes, then decide the price for the project based on the amount of work.

If the requirement is not clear for the fixed price project, then roughly decide the price and you can mention in the proposal that you will discuss the pricing after getting to know more about it from the client for the best delivery of the project.

6. Nail The Interview RoundLink to this heading

If your proposal is the best then you probably will get the project and the client will just discuss more about the project in the interview round 🎉

But, if the client liked some proposals of other freelancers as well, then the client may ask to do some small paid prototype work in the interview round!

Bring that to priority and complete it as fast as you can because many freelancers often don't do that!

ConclusionLink to this heading

Winning a freelancing project on popular freelancing platforms is very tough.

But, by following the correct strategy and tips mentioned in this article, you can increase your chances of winning your first freelancing project.

Also, don't get demotivated if you don't win the project for your first proposal.

Keep applying these tips to multiple projects. You will surely win a project eventually ✨

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